System Requirements for Webcam Models


All of our WebCam Models would require following system requirement to perform modeling.



-Must be able to run newer applications



-Must have high speed/broadband internet connection (wired or wireless)



Webcam  (Standard Use) - Selecting a high quality webcam goes a long way in the webcam business!  Members would much rather pay to watch models they can see clearly, rather than a blurry poor quality webcam. 


Why not spend a hundred bucks on a cam that can make you thousands in the future?

-A USB or built-in Webcam is required.
-Should be high quality cam (ex. Logitech 40-120$)




Camcorder (Professional Use) - Many of our Premiere models use camcorders instead of webcams.  This can make a HUGE difference in quality! Most camcorders come with remote control’s which gives the model the option to zoom in/out. Camcorders can be expensive, but the difference in quality is definitely worth it to a lot of models.


*If you have a camcorder but do not know how to hook it up to your PC or MAC please contract our staff, and they will help you with the setup.

-Camcorder must have “fire-wire” port to plug in to your PC or MAC
-Should have a remote control
-May have to install software

If you have any questions or need recommendations on a webcam to buy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.