Becoming a webcam model with MXO does require some work on your end as well.  This is a REAL model agency with REAL webcam models, so work is required to make money!


Making money as a webcam model involves being somewhat disciplined. Our model agency expects you to treat this like a real job.  This means taking care of yourself, and sticking to some sort of schedule.  We are looking for webcam models that are not only interested in the money, but will also have fun working with our model agency.


Is working Web Cam really as easy as it sounds?

Yes!  All you are required to do as a webcam model is to interact with our members.  We have built a Models Manual, to provide you with all the information to become a successful webcam model. 


*We suggest that all models read over the models manual before they start work for the first time.

Privacy concerns


This is a concern for many webcam models that are scared that a friend or family member may find out that they are working as a webcam model.  Our agency has taken many steps to make sure that this will not happen to you.


We offer the option to block COUNTRIES/PROVINCES/CITIES from viewing your account.  This is done by our system filtering out the members from the blocked areas.  For example if you are a webcam model from Toronto and you have family throughout Canada, we can block ALL of Canada for you.


Please remember that any information you send our model agency during the initial setup, will be kept completely confidential within our secure archives.  Our main goal as a model agency is to keep our webcam models happy, and of course rich!

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