Making Your Webcam Modeling Job More Fun

For the most part having a webcam job is a lot of fun. Unfortunately, some customers could be abusive, and try to ruin some of that fun. No need to explain what an abusive customer is, as you've seen or will see all kinds of them in your job as a webcam model. The following suggestion is somewhat radical, and could take some pride swallowing, but it's very effective. Abusive customers are all looking for the same thing, attention. They just happen to go for the negative attention instead of positive. One reason they act like this is because they are good at getting what they want, more negative attention.

What you do have going for you is the fact that all abusive customers are small children at heart, immature, ill-mannered people who are easily controlled with some creative thinking. Try this once, it will work 9 times out of 10. It is understandable that your first impulse may be to kick these types of people out of your chat room, but try this formula. First, compliment their behavior. Then, ask a personal question.

For example: Customer comes into your chat room and types in all caps shouting, "SHOW ME PUSSY BITCH!"

You say "Wow, you're so demanding, I like that! Where are you from, (customer name)?" It is virtually guaranteed this will catch them off-guard. It is the very last thing they expect to hear from you. The typical answer they give to this response is something like, "I'm from Chicago, why?" They are totally blown away, and you have just taken control. This is much easier than taking a negative approach with them by getting angry, and kicking them out of your room. After that, they just come back being more of a problem and even more annoying. It is a lot more fun to control these types than escalate a fight with them. As a webcam performer, you should always try to use your talent and ability to convert a rude or hostile visitor into a paying customer who is just dying to see you in a private show. At times it may not be easy, but try to always maintain your composure, and be positive and happy on camera. It will pay off big for you in the long run, and you will have much more fun than being angry!